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I’ve spent the morning organizing the course material in preparation for uploading it.  The biggest change the course will receive is cosmetic–I’m re-rendering all the video content into Flash video.  The RealPlayer format worked all right for the first few iterations of the course, but I would like the video to be of better quality.  I tested out the use of flash in my hybrid statistics course, and there seemed to be fewer problems accessing the material.

I also want to make a few edits to some of the video, which seems logical since I’m re-rendering them.  Now that the course has been run in an online format for a few semesters it’s time to polish it a little.  I know a lot more about preparing online content than I did when I started this adventure, and I’d like to put that knowledge to good use.

The biggest addition to the course will, of course, be this blog as well as your blogs.  I’ll be posting more information about this assignment in the days to come.  I believe you will find the experience enjoyable–it represents a way for you to organize your thoughts on the material, and synthesize some of the information in a creative medium.  That this will be shared with and commented on by your fellow students is an exciting bonus.  Peer feedback is especially valuable in writing, and I think you will find the experience challenging, but beneficial.


Hello world!

Some of you may not know this, but back in the day, when we first learned how to write a computer program, the first program we wrote was one that displayed “Hello world” onto the screen, sometimes in a loop that filled the whole screen.

I think it is a good way to begin.